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Cathedral’s products represent the highest level of traditional liturgical standards. Produced from only the highest-quality natural materials, our candles provide you with an aesthetically pleasing flame and long-burning economy.

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Votive Candles

Votive Candles

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He Is Risen Benedictine Investiture 80867085 Plain/Blank Ornamented Easter Glory Holy Trinity Christ Victorious Cross of the Lamb The Good Shepherd Sacred Heart Jubilation St. Francis

Votive 32'S Stearine Brand
17/32 x 4-1/2
30932001 17/32 x 4-1/2 250 $35.35 View Image 
Votive 24'S Stearine Brand
17/32 x 5-1/4
30924001 17/32 x 5-1/4 250 $51.60 View Image 
Votive 18'S Stearine Brand
17/32 x 7
30918001 17/32 x 7 250 $61.80 View Image 
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